Our Company Profile

BHARAT LOCK HOUSE, the company is engaged in manufacturing of PLAZA LOCKS & BUILDERS HARDWARES. we are pioneer in the field of the manufacturing of the biggest range of locks & buildwares Hardwares from the last more than 50 years.

The products are widely acceptable through out the Country and abroad due to the quality and the rates which are most competitive. The range of Locks manufactured by the company i.e. 20 types of Mortice Locks with various types and designs of the matching handle sets in BRASS, CROMIUM PLATING, POWDER COATING etc finishes. The Company is also engaged in manufacturing various types of Steel & Brass Pad Locks and the vast variety of quality Builders Hardware required for all type of Furnitures & Interiors.

In brief, PLAZA LOCKS available for all locking needs. The market network of the Company is based through out the country, through the dealers network, stoksits & area distributors. The Comapny has also achieved the International recognation by Suppling its products to other overseas countries indirectly through variuos Export Houses.

During the last 5 years, the company has rapidly expanded the range of the products including the most sophisticated Pin Cylinder Locking systems.

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